USDtez tezos stablecoin

USDtez (Symbol: USDtz or USDTZ) is a dual-collateralized (FIAT and Tezos) stablecoin based on a fungible Tezos token standard — pegging a formally-verified measure of 1-to-1 parity between the Tez (XTZ) and the United States Dollar (USD); providing an algorithmically balanced, solvent, and scalable, source of liquidity that is the ideal solution for Tezos-based asset trading.

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Features of USDtez


Stable and scalable liquidity available for individuals, exchanges, marketplaces and other institutions. If you are interested in purchasing USDtez as a provider, feel free to contact us.


All USDtz-tokens are backed and 100% redeemable for United States Dollars, maintaining a 1-1 redeemable value for USDtez tokens no matter how the market changes. Over time, USDtez will implement XTZ-pegged algorithmic measures to advance the smart-contract capabilities of the system.

No Stability Fees

Other stablecoins may charge stability fees to maintain price-balance, This is ultimately charging the user for a resource that should be valued higher and is otherwise 'duty-free' (when in FIAT form).

"Stability fees" are not a burden for holders of FIAT money, and they shouldn't be a burden for holders of stablecoins either. USDtez does not charge any stability fees whatsoever.

Formally-Verified Parity

Formally-verified true price calculations demonstrated on-chain, protecting USDtez from manipulations and 'oracle attacks' that users of other stablecoins ultimately must endure. 

The balance between shifts in supply and demand of USDtez, including the size, and determination for minting and scaling of new USDtez is based on autonomously executed algorithmic response to formally-verified measures of real-world market data.


USDtez is working with crypto exchanges and wallets, including upcoming Tezos decentralized exchanges to bring USDtez liquidity to their users.  If you'd like to list USDtez on your exchange, or if you'd like to learn how to bring it to your favorite exchange, visit the listing link.


If you're trading XTZ and Tezos-tokens, accept no substitute. USDtez is the cheapest, fastest option. USDTZ is written on an optimized pure michelson smart-contract, rendering the quickest most network-efficient swap, expending the least amount of gas.

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