For wholesale purchases of USDtz an independent network of USDtz minteries are available to help. This is a particularly good option if you seek to purchase an amount of USDtz that's too large to buy on Dexter or Quipuswap (Tezos exchanges).  

What is a Mintery?
All minteries are enrolled and KYC-vetted Tezos Bakers incorporated as respective jurisdictional entities. Minteries provide a technological resource to the USD Tez project, serving as trusted validators in the minting and redemption process. All minteries are Tezos bakers, but not all bakers are Tezos minteries.

Available Minteries

Choose a Mintery, request a minting operation for however much you would like to mint, follow the given steps.

Canadian Bakin'

Based in Canada


Based in India


Based in United Kingdom

XTZ Delegate

Based in Australia

To buy or sell USDtz from/to a Mintery, contact any one of them using the links provided for each of them, respectively

Learn More about Minteries

Minteries Information

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