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September 2019 

Article on Lending with USDtez "On Chain Lending" is up. Check the Blog/Medium. Preceding article touched on Savings. Will expound on Savings soon.

"Roles" page is up for those interested in participating in the project. Roles include Engineering, Finance, Community, Business Development.

More articles will come out soon as we get closer to the white-paper. Subsequent articles will be on topics like: Collateralization timeline,  Price Oracles, Governance, and Backing opportunities.

August 2019 

Collateralizing USDtez article is up. More additions to the site, including Listings page and Jobs page. 

FAQ  Fact Sheet is up on Medium. More articles will be published this month regarding governance, integrations, roadmap/timeline.  These articles will lead to the publication of the USDtez White-paper and the more technical USDtez Green-paper.

July 2019 

Work on USDtz is underway. Formal announcement, roadmap, and whitepaper coming soon.

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