These are the Tezos wallets that we've confirmed can currently support USDtz but it is by no means a complete list. If your wallet supports USDtz but is not yet on this list, feel free to let us know.

Trading-ready Wallets


Thanos Browser extension for Chrome and Brave browser connects Tezos wallets and Tezos dApps (e.g. exchanges: Dexter and Quipuswap.

Extension for Chrome and Brave browsers. Connects with Ledger wallet as well. 

Thanos is made by Madfish Solutions, makers of the soon to be launched Tezos exchange: Quipuswap. 

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Beacon enables wallet-browser connectivity between Tezos dApps (e.g. exchanges: Dexter, Quipuswap). 

Extension for Chrome and Brave browsers.. Connects with Ledger wallet as well.

Beacon is made by AirGap (creators of the AirGap wallet and the TezBlock block explorer).

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(Magma is not Dexter-ready yet)

All USDtz-ready wallets


Galleon is one of the most popular Tezos wallets, created by Cryptonomic. The USDtz smart-contract itself was tested using the Galleon wallet.

Desktop for Mac, Windows  (Mobile does not yet support tokens)

Ledger compatible

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Thanos is a mighty new Tezos wallet from the team at Madfish Solutions, who have been proving themselves as a potent force in the world of Tezos development.

Chrome/Brave Browser Extension

Ledger compatible

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Magma is a revolutionary new Mobile wallet by camlCase. Magma will be the first wallet to feature Dexter exchange (Tezos' answer to Uniswap) also made by camlCase. 

Mobile wallet only

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AirGap is an elegant and powerful Tezos wallet, created by the same team that brought you the Tezblock explorer and the Beacon chrome extension that enables web-wallet interaction.

Mobile and Desktop

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